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A1 Lab Arts

Advance Metal Fabrication

Anne Wilson - Wind, Rewind, Weave

Art & Culture Alliance of Knoxville

Art Project - Explore Museums Around the World

Computer Diagnosis & Repair

Dance Dimensions Ballroom

EAINM ~ Encaustic Art Institute New Mexico

InnoCentive - Help Solve Pressing Problems

International Encaustic Artists

John Fairstein Galleries

Humane Society

Knoxville Museum of Art

Lawhorn CPA Group

MIT Free Online Courses

Pienkow Art Gallery

Powers of 10 - Our Universe - 10 million Lt Yrs to 100 Attometers

Young-Williams Animal Center






Encaustic Demo by Neranza - Part 1 of 3

Encaustic Demo by Neranza - Part 2 of 3

Encaustic Demo by Neranza - Part 3 of 3

O J Blount  - Beekeeping the Natural Way - Part 1

O J Blount  - Beekeeping the Natural Way - Part 2

O J Blount - Modified Beehive Assembly - Video #3

O J Blount's 1st Natural Beekeeping Field Day - Video #4

O J Blount - Top Bar Hive Window - Lime Pest Control - Video #5

Lucy Blount Demo of OJ Blount's Beehive Assembly - Video #6

Catching a Swarm 25 Feet High




Liliana Blount Memorial

Liliana Blount, 88, passed away February 28, 2008.

She is survived by husband, O J Blount and daughter Neranza Noel Blount.

She was known as the "Yogurt Lady" in Knoxville's health community.


Liliana Blount Photo Memorial

Liliana Blount Eulogy



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